Udaariyaan: Jasmine threatens Amrit, puts forth her demands

Television 21 Jan 2022

 Tejo slaps Angad for scrutinizing Fateh. Angad is stunned and reviews his cheerful minutes with Tejo. Recalling every one of those, Angad breaks into tears. Then again, Rupy chides Jasmine at Virk's place. Apologetic, Angad apologizes to Tejo for his activities. Tejo observes Angad crying and she endeavors to quiet him down. Angad claims that his aim isn't to cause damage however only to ensure her. On hearing this, Tejo gets mournful.

Then again, when Jasmine undermines Amrik, Gurpreet shouts at her. Fateh asks about Jasmine's goals. Jasmine uncovers her longing to see the whole family bowing at her feet and looking for pardon. Hearing this, Fateh hollers at Jasmine. Notwithstanding, Jasmine proceeds to say that she hasn't uncovered her subsequent condition yet. Kushbeer mediates and asks about Jasmine's subsequent condition. Jasmine asserts that she needs to have half responsibility for house in her name.

While this is happening at Jasmin's end, Angad, then again, asks Tejo for help and promises to avoid her and Fateh's lives. Tejo concurs and embraces Angad to calm him. In the mean time, Kushbeer will not acknowledge Jasmine's requests. Rupy and Satti apologize for Jasmine's benefit to Virks.

Rupy requests that Jasmine get out. Jasmine guarantees that she isn't truly adept at pardoning others and that she won't leave until she gets payback. She requests that they acknowledge her terms for the wellbeing of Amrik. Jasmine likewise incites Amrik by guaranteeing that his family is uninterested with his life. Nonetheless, because of this, Jasmine is tossed out of the house by Fateh. Jasmine cautions Fateh that she won't permit him to have Tejo and leaves.

Amrik communicates his dread and requests that his family save him. Fateh endeavors to comfort him. Amrik begs Fateh to wed Jasmine to save him. Kushbeer stays resolute and says that it won't ever occur. Amrik becomes angered and leaves, announcing that he will save himself all alone. Tejo gets back. Dadi illuminates her that Satti and Rupy had gone to the Virk's home. Then again, Kushbeer denounces Rupy and contends with him. Fateh quiets him down.

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