TMKOC: Popatlals team gets ready in yellow

Television 17 May 2022

Popatlal stresses over what to do as he needs to go out to shop. Bheede inquires as to whether he's certain that he needs to go visit the young lady without seeing her photograph. Popatlal asks him everything's off-base in that and says to him to not put a stink eye on this. Madhavi requests that Bheede think positive. Bheede tells he simply maintains that nothing terrible should occur and afterward they ask choose to prepare and find something yellow. Afterward, Popatlal goes out on the town to shop with Tapu Sena and asks the planner to give yellow garments as it's Prateeksha's most loved as it were.

They get befuddled seeing such countless choices, so the originator lets him know that he'll send a sewed fabric for him. Popatlal thanks and leaves. Madhavi glosses over Bheede and afterward cleverly requests that he iron her saree. Bheede tells her that she didn't need to accomplish such a great deal dramatization as he would've pressed independently. He tells that he actually feels like somebody should trick them and they're all going to her engaged with this trick. Madhavi requests that he not think like that. Bapuji calls Jethalal and requests that he return home quick. Jethalal tells he's strolling towards the house and requests that Bapuji take out his yellow shirt.

Afterward, Bheede calls Jethalal and requests that he prepare as he's late 100% of the time. Jethalal lets him know that he's at home as it were. Bheede tells that there's a pressure. Jethalal adds Sodhi to the call. Bheede educates that he's stressing regarding Popatlal's proposition and they request that he quiet down. Afterward, everybody come wearing yellow and appeal to God for Popatlal's prosperity.
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