Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir is rushed to the hospital

Television 18 May 2022

Prachi asks Ranbir not to shut his eyes and calls Pallavi but rather she doesn't get. Vikram requests that Pallavi get. Prachi calls Pallavi once more yet she doesn't get. Vikram asks her for what valid reason did she change to such an extent. She lets him know that he doesn't have the foggiest idea who's fortunate or unfortunate. Prachi calls a rescue vehicle. Ranbir shuts his eyes and Prachi hollers at him to open his eyes. Somebody comes and helps her call a taxi. She gets into the taxi and requests that Ranbir stay with her and vows to never battle with him.

Dida lets Sahana know that she ought to call Prachi to know where her meds are kept and calls her. Prachi picks upands begins crying. Dida asks her what occurred and she tells that she's taking Ranbir to the City Hospital as certain thugs have wounded him. She gets stunned and drops the telephone. Vikram and Pallavi come there and ask what occurred. She educates them concerning Ranbir and they generally race to the clinic. Prachi arrives at the medical clinic and the specialist takes him inside and tells that he should be worked and inquires as to whether she can give him the authorization now and can sign later as he can't sit around idly. Prachi tells yes.

The Kohlis come to the clinic. Pallavi slaps Prachi and faults her for everything. She asks her who is she to give assent for Ranbir's activity as she doesn't have the foggiest idea what being a mother is. She tells that Ranbir has just seen pity due to her. The specialist emerges and Pallavi lets him know that she won't give him consent. The specialist tells her that he can't work until and except if she essentially gives verbal authorization. He tells he's mindful of his obligations. Vikram requests that Prachi sign the papers. Prachi signs them and the specialist goes to work.

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