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Kumkum Bhagya: Pallavi needs to welcome Prachi into her house

Television 29 Jul 2021

Pragya goes into the room and sees Abhi beating Gautam. Pragya orders him to stop this demonstration or probably she will call the police. Abhi requests that she avoid Gautam as he is an awful individual and has wrong aims. Pragya says that he is anything but a terrible individual and Abhi shouldn't worry about her own life and choices. Abhi says that he has the right as he is her better half and Pragya advises him that he is Tanu's significant other and has no directly over her. Gautam witness the whole discussion. In the interim, Sushma visits the farmhouse and gets stunned to see Gautam in such a condition. 

Abhi leaves the farmhouse with Pragya's vehicle and reviews their battle coming. The discussion chafes him and he anticipates conflicting with Pragya. While he reviews the episode, he gets into a minor auto crash. 

On the opposite side, Ranbir's Grandma illuminates Pallavi that his child (Ranbir's father) needs Ranbir to financially recover. She additionally remarks that Pallavi might be the explanation that caused Vikram (Ranbir's father) two coronary failures. She asks Pallavi to permit Ranbir in the house so he remains with Vikram and Vikram can have returned to typical. Pallavi remarks that she never rejected Ranbir yet Ranbir's grandma remarks that Ranbir can't leave his better half and consequently she needs to permit Prachi to remain in the house.

Read News Kumkum Bhagya: Pallavi needs to welcome Prachi into her house

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