Kumkum Bhagya star Krishna Kauls mother surprises him by coming to Mumbai

Television 05 Jul 2022

Kumkum Bhagya is quite possibly of the most well known show on screens and partakes in a huge fan following. The show has been engaging the majority for quite a while now, and its fascinating plots and curves have in every case left everybody charmed. While every one of the stars have been working nonstop to keep their watchers engaged, entertainer Krishna Kaul, who expositions Ranbir, has figured out how to enjoy some time off from his bustling timetable as of late to enjoy with his mom who is visiting him in the city. Krishna's mom as of late amazed him by traveling to Mumbai.

Krishna guaranteed that he would shock his mom as well and he got free from the get-go two or three days and that is the point at which he took his mother for a spoiling meeting at a salon. In addition to the fact that he invested energy with her, yet additionally caused her to feel loose. Krishna Kaul referenced, "By and large I have an extremely close timetable consistently, however I am exceptionally glad that I could get free early and invest some quality energy with my mom after so long. My folks live in Delhi, while I stay in Mumbai, and with a feverish timetable, I seldom have an opportunity to visit them".

Krishna additionally adds, "Since the pandemic, I haven't really had the option to invest energy with them by any means. I haven't had the option to visit Delhi frequently as well. However, my mom changed that by amazing me a couple of days prior. She flew in and gave me a major surprise."Krishna further added, "However I got no three day in the middle between, I figured out how to get free from the beginning several events. One such day, when I got free somewhat before time, I wanted to accomplish something uniquely great for her, and thus, I took her to a salon that Appy (Aparna Mishra) proposed. She went for spa treatment and a couple of skincare schedules, which she totally delighted in. Post the spoiling meeting, we even went out for supper and continued to talk the entire evening. It felt truly astonishing to see mother by and by and invest energy with her. Presently the arrangement is to give them a major shock sometime in the not so distant future."

In Kumkum Bhagya, it seems to be Rhea and Aaliya are good to go to make ruin in Ranbir and Prachi's lives with their detestable plans. Kumkum Bhagya airs each Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Zee TV.

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