Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai to perform a delivery

Television 18 May 2022

Sai lets Machindra know that still up in the air to turn into a specialist and is prepared to do anything he tells however requests to early send her home. He inquires as to whether she's certain that she will do anything and she tells yes. He calls the gynecologist and requests that Sai convey a child rather than Dr. Chanda. She gets stunned. Bhavani calls Virat and asks him where he is and requests that he return home on time. Virat tells he'll get Sai and come. Bhavani asks him where will he get her and Virat misleads her that Sai is shopping in the shopping center for the capacity. Bhavani requests that he return on time and cuts the call.

Virat arrives at the clinic and hangs tight for Sai outside. Though, Ashwini makes plans and expectations that Sai and Virat return back on time. Karishma wears her saree and takes a gander at the mirror and figures that she will get everyone's attention and nobody will try and check Sai out. She goes down and Bhavani shouts at her and asks her for what valid reason's she embellished and inquires as to whether it's her custom. Pakhi tells that they get shouted at in vain. The pregnant woman gets strained and video calls her better half and requests that he come quick.

Machindra comes and requests that Sai play out her obligation appropriately and requests that Virat eliminate his vehicle from the parking area as the space is designated for the emergency vehicle. Sai asks him not to bring individual remarks while she's performing her responsibility. Sai sees the woman's better half is remaining before Virat through the video call and requests that her significant other give the telephone to him. She illuminates Virat that Machindra gave her a perplexing obligation so she may be late. Machindra considers tormenting her more. Bhavani hangs tight for Sai.

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