Bigg Boss 15: Shamita and Afsana get into a fight

Television 16 Oct 2021

during the assignment, Shamita and Umar begin battling in light of the fact that Umar trades his machine with hers. Shamita requests that he carry on reasonably however Karan intrudes on them and requests that Shamita and Vishal make their own props. Umar calls attention to Shamita and yells at her expression that she can't make her own principles. During the undertakings, Akasa and Vishal plan to conceal their juice in a kitchen compartment. Everybody isolates their sticks to make juice. Shamita gives her stick to Donal and Jay. Karan likewise breaks his stick to make juice. Afsana plans to intrude on Vishal while he was working. 

After this, Donal and Miesha get into a little contention. Miesha leaves while Donal was all the while yelling at her. Ieshaan and Pratik are battling in light of the fact that Pratik accidentally, hit him. So Ieshaan began yelling and calls Pratik 'Gadha'. Everybody was attempting to quiet them down, in the mean time, Karan was washing dishes and was staying out of other people's affairs. Miesha stops Ieshaan, while, he was yelling and advises Pratik to escape the room. In the evening, Umar lets Ieshaan know that he can not become hopelessly enamored in only 3 days. Ieshaan gets bothered and asks Umar, "What is your concern and for what reason do you continue letting me know that Miesha is playing with me?". Miesha was stunned to pay attention to this and remained there with an empty articulation. 

Afsana and different contenders were sitting in the lobby and were discussing past battles. Then, at that point, Afsana remarked on Shamita and she blows up, Shamita requests that Afsana draw close to her however Afsana tosses her sleeper towards her and says, "Even my shoe would not like to draw close to you." Other individuals were attempting to prevent them from battling yet then again, Jay and Pratik began testing each other for a battle.

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