Bigg Boss 15: Prize money at stake

Television 21 Oct 2021

Bigg Boss 15, Shamita goes first to the hallucination room and Bigg Boss gives her the choice to save herself from assignment by selecting another person. Bigg Boss tells her that in the event that she selects another person, they don't get an opportunity to go into the fantasy room. Shamita chooses to keep herself assigned. Bigg Boss advises her to put splash paint on her image and she does it and ways out the room. Karan enters straightaway and selects himself. Afsana tells she'll go straightaway. Shamita lets Karan know that they shouldn't have released Afsana. Bigg Boss gives her a similar choice and Afsana names Vishal and states this is on the grounds that he made her resemble a liar and splashes on his photograph and leaves. 

Bigg Boss lets everybody know that Afsana has named Vishal and subsequently he can't go into the hallucination room. Vishal asks Afsana for what good reason she assigned him and she tells she got befuddled. Umar tells Bigg Boss nobody needs to go in and Bigg Boss tells them to not take errands like a joke and finishes the selection task and designates Miesha, Ieshaan, Umar, Simba, Vishal, Karan and Shamita. Simba lets Karan know that he figured Shamita would have assigned Afsana and inquires as to for what reason did she save them. Karan says she is shrewd and needed to win individuals' hearts. Karan lets Shamita know that he sent her first to tell her he confides in her. 

Bigg Boss teaches the prisoners that they need to deduct cash from their prize cash to go into the house and they need to try sincerely as they're removing conveniences gradually from the wilderness. Tejasswi peruses the guidelines that say the sets should take the materials to get BB focuses and Nishant will declare the triumphant pair. The sets are; Shamita-Vishal, Karan-Tejasswi, Ieshaan-Miesha, Umar-Afsana, Jay-Pratik, and Simba-Akasa. Eventually, Nishant rejects Vishal and Shamita's material expressing that it isn't cut as expected.

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