Bigg Boss 15: Abhijeet Bichukale enters house to give VIP stars

Television 30 Nov 2021

The VIPs choose to partition the obligations. Since Pratik keeps his suggestion forward, everybody consents to give him the hacking turn out both for lunch and supper. Afterward, Pratik says he will finish his obligation for lunch just which makes Rashami frantic. She contends with him for easing off, which brings about Pratik hollering at her. In the interim, Karan lets Ritesh know that he assaulted him for reasons unknown. Ritesh differs and adds that he was simply being straightforward. Before long, Umar and Devoleena have a profound discussion, which sees him admitting that he loves Rashami as a companion. At the point when Devoleena asks Rashami a similar inquiry, she rapidly concurs and admits that she loves him as well. 

The battle among Rashami and Pratik proceeds and the second time it is over spread. The following morning, hopefuls awaken to the vivacious track 'Tune Maari Entriyaan'. Rakhi orders Nishant to warm up the rice, post which the last option contacts Karan and objections. Karan proposes that they all shouldn't endure the VIPs conduct any longer. Tejaswwi takes chocolates from the VIPs and shows them to Karan and Umar. After this, Rakhi and Rajiv end up in a battle about kitchen obligations. In a discussion with Shamita, Nishant communicates that Rakhi needs everybody to fight back from their obligations. 

Abhijeet goes into the BB house to give the VIPs their VIP stars. He is energetically invited in the house. Abhijeet then, at that point, demands Umar to loan his bed to him. At the point when Umar denies, Rakhi tolls in to express that the VIPs get to settle on the choice. A monstrous battle arises between Umar, Rakhi and Ritesh. Abhijeet then, at that point, requests that Tejasswi clean her hands and cut veggies for him. Tejasswi concurs 

This scene has been watched on the channel's ott stage.

Read News Bigg Boss 15: Abhijeet Bichukale enters house to give VIP stars

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