Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai: Saxena reveals the truth

Television 23 Oct 2021

Ammaji whips Tiwari for his bizarre conduct while Angoori holds up external the room. Then again, Vibhuti and Anita battle about the volume of the radio. Masterji spots Gupta and gets some information about his aggravation, in the interim, Anita tosses the radio out of the window which falls on Gupta's head. Vibhuti gets irate and tosses Anita's light which again harms Gupta. Masterji accepts Gupta to the specialist as the last yells in torment. 

Teeka and Malkan meet Tilu almost a tea slow down and attempt to persuade the last for wedding Saxena. Ahead, Saxena comes there and tells Tilu, Malkan and Teeka he is attempting to discover a woman and her 2 partners as he was considering giving 60 lakhs to every one of the three individuals. Tilu and his companions begin moving as the vibe that their arrangement is working. 

Soon thereafter, Saxena meets Tiwari and Vibhuti and illuminates them that his long term plan was for individuals of Bangladesh and because of a mix-up it was circled in India. Tiwari and Vibhuti slaps Saxena while Angoori and Anita say I love you to their spouses. Moreover Tilu, Malkan and Teeka arrive at Saxena's home and attempt to deceive him. 

Saxena ruins their arrangement and lets them know that it is undeniably challenging to trick a shrewd individual like him. Tilu gets strained and begins mentioning Saxena for excusing them. Saxena lets them know that they have two choices by which they can get out from this. Saxena informs them regarding the principal choice wherein he will send them to the police and the subsequent choice is that they need to whip Saxena the entire night with a calfskin belt. Tilu acknowledges the subsequent choice and shuts the entryway and starts hitting Saxena.

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