Anupamaa: Vanraj blames Anupama

Television 06 Jul 2022

Vanraj tells that Pakhi is only stricken by their riches and that is the reason she loves Adhik. He tells that Anupama didn't actually pay attention to him when he continued to imply to her about Pakhi's covetousness. Anupama comes and inquires as to whether he at any point paid attention to everything that she needed to say. He tells that he will not pay attention to her and will just do what he needs to do.

Vanraj requests that Anupama return to her home and be with Anuj climb he handles Pakhi.

Anupama tells she has a privilege to her as she's the mother. He tells that she lost every one of her freedoms in the wake of wedding Anuj. Pakhi cries and Kinjal consoles her. Then again, Anuj requests that Adhik center around his profession and advises that it's generally expected to like individuals yet he tells that even he went through a ton of difficulties to get Anupama. He lets him know that he can zero in on his profession and afterward ponder Pakhi serenely. Samar and Toshu tell that Adhik isn't ideal for Pakhi however Vanraj shouldn't holler at Anupama. Vanraj lets Anupama know that she ought to quit attempting to join the Shahs and Kapadias.

Anuj comes and requests that Vanraj converse with Pakhi serenely. Kavya likewise concurs. Adhik considers Pakhi and tells her that she can zero in on her profession while being seeing someone. He tells that she's a grown-up and she can pursue her own decisions and advises he will go to the US for a course and inquires as to whether she likewise needs to join. She cuts the call saying she doesn't need to pay attention to her folks. Anupama comes and control center Pakhi. She tells her that she simply prefers Adhik and there wasn't any need to cause a situation. Baa lets Vanraj know that they ought to save the house before it gets demolished.

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