Raat Ka Khel Sara 2

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First aired on &TV in February 2020, “Raat Ka Khel Sara 2” is a thriller television series. The story revolves around the strange events surrounding the ancestral house of Anna Naik, played by Madhav Abhyankar. His family gathers in the house to celebrate Anna’s youngest son’s engagement, but owning to bad luck, Anna dies on the same day. Following which strange things start to happen in the night. A faithful attempt into recreating a tense and heart-pounding atmosphere for the audience which really reflects in every episode. Anna’s family include his wife, Indu (portrayed by Shakuntala Nare), three sons, Dattaram (portrayed by Suhas Sirsat), Abhiram (portrayed by Sainkeet Kamat) and Mahadav (portrayed by Mangesh Salvi) and a daughter Chhaya (portrayed by Namrata Pawaskar). Anna’s eldest son is settled in Mumbai and lives with his wife Neelima (portrayed by Prachi Sukhathankar) while Anna lives in the village house with his wife, two sons and his daughter. Anna’s lawyer, Nene Vakil is portrayed by Dilip Bapat. Anna dies on the same day as his youngest son’s engagement and mysterious events start to grip the house at night. While everyone is blaming the occult, Neelima, who is a scientist by profession tries to reason it out with logic and sense. With every episode, the story dwells deeper and deeper into the twisted and convoluted past of the Naik family, revealing darker secrets and how every piece of the puzzle will fall into place.

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