Radha Krishn

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Based on the divine couple of Hindu mythology, “Radha Krishn” is a Hindi language mythological television series on the Star network. The pilot of the series was aired on Star Bharat in October 2018. the series focuses on the divine love of Radha and Krishna and how true love supersedes everything else. The opening scenes depict Sridama, a Krishn devotee and Narad reaching Krishna’s home but got upset when they had to recite Radha’s name before entering. He ends up cursing Radha but their love is not physical but much deeper.The show revolves around the true meaning of love and sacrifice and full devotion towards the happiness of lover, as taught by the divine love story. According to Hindu mythology, Krisha is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu born to Vasudeva and Devaki.The cast includes Sumedh Mudgalkar/ Himanshu Soni in the divine role of Lord Krishna while Mallika Singh plays the role of Goddess Radha. Other roles include Basant Bhatt in the role of Balram. “Yashoda Maiya” is played by Reena Kapoor.The main motto of the series is to convey the meaning of true love and the importance of sacrifice in a relation. The eternal love of the divine couple depicts how to overcome most of the human weaknesses like fear, anger, hatred,envy, ego, attachment and inferiority complex.

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