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Parizad is a renowned Urdu novel distributed in 2014. A dramatization dependent on the account of the original Parizad is circulated on Hum TV. Ahmed Ali Akbar has played the lead job of Parizaad in the dramatization. Fans are infatuated with the astonishing storyline and cast of show Parizaad. How about we examine the clever Parizad rundown to get an outline of the dramatization story.The story of the original Parizad rotates around a kid, Parizaad. Ahmed Ali Akbar has assumed the part of Parizaad in the show. Parizaad was brought into the world in a helpless group of twelve individuals. He is a darker looking fellow and in our general public brown complexion is related with grotesqueness. His mom named him Parizaad, which implies child of a Pari (Fairy) because of the buildings trapped to her. Parizaad gets savaged for what seems like forever for his name that is in opposition to his looks.Parizaad is great at studies and furthermore works later his school to bring in cash. However, his family is as yet not happy with his pay. Parizaad turns into Naheed's coach. Naheed is a delightful young lady who lives in Parizaad's area. Parizaad likes Naheed yet never express his inclination or raise his look to check out her. However, Naheed ends up being a mean young lady who utilizes Parizaad to conceal her mysterious sweetheart Majid. Pairzaad gets embarrassed due to the two of them being before the entire area however they remain silent. All things considered, Naheed Says, a wonderful young lady like me can never be involved with a person like you.

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