Barister Babu

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Barrister Babu is the Hindi TV serial drama that is telecasted on the Colors channel. The story is about an 8-year-old girl who becomes the victim of the backward customs of society. She stays with her maternal uncle and aunt along with her widow mother, and they forced her to marry a 60-year-old man who dies during the wedding ceremony, and the villagers forced her to perform 'Sati.' Anirudh Roy Choudhary, who comes back from the UK after completing his law studies, to his hometown and witnesses the backward and unethical customs followed in his hometown Tulsipur, Bengal. When he saw that innocent Bondita was forced to perform Sati, he decided to marry her to save her from the orthodox custom of performing Sati. Bondita is a girl full of ambitions, and she puts forth the conditions before marrying that she will eat lots of desserts, and her mother will accompany her after marriage. Anirudh read this letter, and he made sure that Bondita gets what she deserves. Anirudh's childhood friend and his love Saudamini felt jealous when she came to know that Anirudh is getting married to Bondita. Anirudh gets married to Bondita and saves her from the cruel society's norms. •Bondita is a small child and has her dreams. She is curious to know things. In the show, it shows her journey to become a barrister after facing all the problems. •Anirudh is a sensible young boy and belongs to a wealthy family. He helps Bondita to save the injustice happening with her and fights with the society for her education and helps to make her barrister. •Lead Cast: Aura Bhatnagar Badoni as Bondita Das, Parvisht Mishra as Anirudh Roy Chowdhary. •Supporting Cast: Barsha Chatterjee as Devoleena, Chandan Anand as Binoy Roy Chowdhary, Pranali Rathod as Saudamini Bhaumik, Kundan Kumar as Bihari, Arina Dey as Sumati Das.

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