Baalveer Returns

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The second season of the beloved Indian children’s fantasy television series, “Baal Veer” is aptly named “Baalveer Returns”. The first season was premiered on SAB TV in October 2012 and the last episode of the season was aired on 4th of November 2016. The second season, “Baal Veer Returns” aired in September 2019.The plot of the story revolves around a young boy named Baal Veer who at the age of eleven is graced by the powers of seven magical fairies to fight the evil forces of the “Bhayankar Pari”. These fairies include “Vijhdar Pari”, “Gaal Pari”, “Atkaati Pari”, “Aarpar Pari”, “Baal Pari”, “Bhatakti Pari”, “Natkhat Pari” and finally “Rani Pari”. The first season witnessed Baalveer coming to earth to help the children to save the Earth from the wrath of “Bhayankar Pari”.The second season “Baalveer Returns” focuses on Baalveer in a desperate attempt to find his successor, which he finds in a boy named Vivaan. However, the young prodigy does not seem to believe in the powers of Baal Veer granted by Pari Lok. On the other hand, a new evil lurks in the shadows. “Timnasa”, the dark queen of the Kaal Lok or the dark realm, has her eyes set on her prize and is looking to kill Baalveer. The main cast includes Dev Joshi in the role of Baal Veer, Dev Joshi and Debu. Vansh Sayani portrays the role of Junior Balveer/Vivaan. Pari Maa, the leader of the fairies is wonderfully recreated by Sharmilee Raj. Timnasa, the evil queen of the dark realm (Kaal Lok) is played by Pavitra Punia.

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