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Shakti is a women empowerment show telecasted on Colors channel. Initially, it looks like it is a story of two sisters named Soumya and Surbhi, but later in the show as a story progresses, it takes a turn, which is related to the gender of Soumya. She was restricted from her childhood for stepping out of her house and playing with the children of her age. Soumya becomes quiet and mature with time and falls in love with Harman. After her love marriage with Harman, her real identity will be revealed. Harman is fondly called Soumya Gulabo. After her wedding, she comes to know about her being a transgender, and it is too difficult for her to accept her identity. It showed two personalities of Saumya one when she was a child, her mother disconnects her from the world, and later, after her wedding, she was not aware of being transgender. The show didn't rely on its storyline, and Vedant, a new character, comes into the story. He fell in love with Soumya, but she rejected him; later, he arrested Harman on a false charge and blackmailed Soumya. He asks Saumya to marry him if she wants Vedant to release Harman, and helpless Soumya has to do a fake marriage with Vedant. Harman thinks Saumya cheated him. In anger, he marries Mahi, but he has no feelings for her. Harman's parents, Preeto and Harak, askes Mahi to dress up like Soumya and go in the room when Harman was drunk. They both sleep together, and Mahi gets pregnant when Harman knows about this, he gets angry with his parents, and due to excessive drinking habits, Harman developed liver problems. Vedant pushes Harman off the cliff, and due to this, Vedant is arrested, and Harman was declared dead. Mahi gives birth to a transgender child and wants to disown the child, but Soumya stopped her, and Harak gives her name Heer. Now the story revolves around Heer, and Mahi hates her, and Soumya died in a car accident, and Heer lives with Preeto and Harak. They are overprotective for her because they both know that she is a transg...

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