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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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“Pinjra Khubsurti ka” is a brand new upcoming serial that is to be distributed through the Colors network of channels across the whole country of India from 24th August 2020. This is a drama series that focuses mainly on its protagonist ‘Mayura’ and her problems. The show features emotions and moods at the speed of a freight train while maintaining the laughter and meaningful scenes that are needed for a daily soap opera. The story is such that Mayura is extremely beautiful and attractive, which would have been a boon to others has turned out to be a curse for her. The poor soul is always cursed and dissed at because of her beauty and even given the blame that all of her achievements in life have not come because of her talent; rather everyone had been bewitched by her beauty and did not consider anything else at that moment. The girl is heartbroken and locks herself up in her home which justifies the title of the series which means ‘a prison carved out of beauty’. The drama series is produced by Saurabh Tewari and it comes from the large and famous production house of Parin Multimedia Productions. The show is in Hindi language and is going to be digitally aired through Voot. The appearances in the series to look out for are Sahil Uppal playing the character of the leading male role, Bhoomika Mirchandani, Jaya Bhattacharya, Manoj Varma, Shakti Singh, Harish Chhabra, Sunny Sachdeva and of course, in the role of the leading actress Riya Sharma as Mayura.

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